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Founded in November 2016 by Democratic political operative Scott Comer, Fortune Hill Group is a progressive fundraising and events management firm dedicated to maximizing our clients’ resources and influence. With years of experience working in Washington for campaigns and organizations such as the Democratic National Committee, the Obama White House, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation, we leverage an extensive network of contacts across a variety of sectors to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Our roots are grounded in the legacy of Scott’s grandfather Jack Fortune Comer. Born and raised in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, Jack dreamed of escaping the poverty that crippled his family and families across Appalachia. Twenty years later he secured a loan to construct Deane Hill, Tennessee’s first country club devoted to serving an integrated, working-class clientele.

In keeping with his dedication to the common man, Jack ventured into politics in 1970, serving two terms in Tennessee’s House of Representatives before running for governor as an independent in 1974. Though Jack passed away shortly after Scott’s birth, his steadfast commitment to public service and abiding faith in everyday Americans are sources of inspiration for the entire Fortune Hill family.

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